Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh, it's about to get real interesting

Some people around Birmingham are saying Carole Smitherman was reelected because of the people in District 6 rejected former mayor Richard Arrington and mayoral hopeful Patrick Cooper's endorsement of Shelia Tyson, West End Neighborhood Assoication President/President of the Committee of Neighborhood Associations.  However, they only have half of the truth, Arrington's endorsements were all rejected hands down from LeRoy Bandy in District 9 and Shelia Tyson in District 6, but interestingly Tyson only lost to Smitherman by only 98 votes.  So that says that Cooper's endorsement actually helped Tyson because he didn't endorse or campaign for any other candidates in the run-offs beside Tyson.  The District 6 run-off was a 51-49 percent breakdown, so Smitherman is apparently by nearly half of her constituency not being satisfied with her representing them.  That is a sign of trouble regardless of how you spin it because if you only have a slight majority of voters in your corner, i.e. 98 more voters then you are screwing up on the job. 

Yeah, she will likely become interim mayor for the city when Mayor Langford is convicted and removed for office, but I doubt she will win the mayoral election.   She can't even get half of her own constiuency to vote for her in the Council races.  That is the truth because only 15% of the eligible voters came out to vote for the Council races, so uninspired constiuency doesn't bode well for her in the mayoral race because she isn't the incumbent persay.   She's already lost twice before.  The evidence shows that the vote in the mayoral race likely to bode well for her opponent (because we know she will run) since more people vote in mayoral races versus council races.

Well, it's truly about to get REAL interesting because numbers don't lie but people do.   Council woman Smitherman have fun being interim/acting mayor because your time is likely going to be very short-lived in the position. 

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