Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chicago and its continued foolishness

I know I'm a little late, but WTH is Chicago thinking by getting the 2016 Olympics (and even President and Mrs. Obama are advocating this) when you have this type of crap going on amongst its youth for the world to see.

I'm sorry, Chicago, but Atlanta wasn't really improved by the Olympics since I've lived near Atlanta before and after the game.  It's just a commercialized circle-jerk and they should just let this one pass because you guys should set forth actions to fix the city's death of so many black youths. 

However, it seems like the lives of a black youths are more expendable than anything else, but people like Roland Martin and other prominent Chicago leaders in amongst blacks should voice why is this happening.  It's embarrassing how rotten the urban core of Chicago is when they are trying to bring the world to their front yard.  Even Birmingham doesn't have this type of urban violence.  SMH

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