Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trey Songz & Necole Bitchie versus Sandra Rose, WOW, WOW, WOW

The always extra R&B singer/songwriter/performer, Trey Songz aka Tremaine Neverson, and the always extra bitchy blogger, Sandra Rose, is going at for sure.  The busted looking blogger Sandra Rose decided to write an long diatribe about the "suspect" R&B singer in retaliation to his Twitter assault on her after an allegedly misunderstanding.

The "misunderstanding" according to Sandra Rose is about an e-mail that she received alleging that Songz won a "BET Hip Hop Awards One-Hit Wonder Award", which doesn't even exist, LMAO!  So he decided to start a Twitter trend amongst thirsty followers about Roses' face.  In the words of Dwight Eubanks of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, is quite dreadful.

Anyways, Roses being the usual b*tch and part-time hater she responded by going in detail about how "suspect" Songz is (which I do agree 100%) and the allegations that he has sexual relations with "suspect" Dorian Standberry of the Atlanta season of the BET college reality show College Hill and up-in-coming rapper and former Degrassi star Aubrey "Drake" Graham.   Roses also published an e-mail that celeb gossip blogger and attention-whore Necole Bitchie (yeah, I know somebody is reading this saying, WTF @ these names) and how she was allegedly "paid" to be his "girlfriend" and butter up his image and name on her blog.  In the e-mail, she is said to have called Trey a "nobody".  This is too much, but it's better.

Now, Necole Bitchie has posted an audio of an allegedly phone call between Rose and some unknown gentleman that is also a "credible source".  The male calling her out and saying she is "actin' brand new", telling her that "he's not the one to be played with", etc. It's pretty funny, yet pathetic.

Apparently, Rose has posted on her blog again today how Necole "doesn't have a pot to piss in" among other things identifying the male in the audio as "Doctor Drew" of DrewReports.com and calling Necole out.  One line sums up Roses' retaliation, “Why would I want to live “vicariously” through an ex-stripper groupie blogger who wears thirsty dime store weaves?”

LOL  I can't, I can't, I just can't. 

This is the reason why I don't do celebrity gossip on a regular basis because this is some funny yet pathetic high school crap that I moved past when I became an adult.  LMAO



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