Sunday, October 4, 2009

Atlanta and its increase in violent crime

The murder of Ashley "AJ" Jewell is another sign of the serious issues occurring in Atlanta when it comes to violent crimes.  He is also the 2nd well-known figure in Atlanta this year who has fallen victim to a violent crime.  Back in July when former heavyweight champion boxer, Vernon Forrest, was robbed and then fatally shot in Southwest Atlanta (S.W.A.T.S.).

It's become a hot topic in the mayoral races in the city because the number of robberies and violent crimes have gone through the roof in the growing city.  According to the 2008 US Census estimate, there are now 526,000 residents in Atlanta up from 496,000 in the 2007 estimate.  However, crime seems to plague Atlanta with the population growth, which I'm more dumbfounded by when you look at the jobless rate and the scarcity of living wage salary jobs in Metro Atlanta.  On the other hand, it just reaffirms why I don't deal with Atlanta because it is a city with some major issues pretending like its a "major city".


  1. this is sad to think about sometimes

  2. It's unfortunate, and shows that Atlanta has a lot of things to fix if it ever wants to be considered a "world-class city".



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