Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Northern Beltline (actually Beltway) is on Facebook

This is when I think Facebook should be taken out to pasteur because recently the media announced that nearly as many profiles are on Facebook as the US population now this garbage.  Pascal Caputo, former public relations (PR) guy for the former Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce, has created a page on Facebook for this ridiculous project

Actually, the funding for the project has come to a holt because Congress has limited funding of this project to $500 million although current price tag is $2.5 billion. LOL

"It's a project I truly believe in. It's not just something I did because of where I was employed," he said Monday. "It's something I feel the county needs. Our county is in a desperate situation right now, and we've never been in a position like this. We need some good news and something to get us back where we should be. We're not going to be able to tax our way back into prosperity but we can grow our way into prosperity. Opening up the northern parts of the county to development is a way to do that."
Uh yeah, you really believe this will help Jefferson County get out of the hole by continuing to sprawl outward.  That has worked so well in other cities.  Also the audacity of the numbering of the road I-422 instead of I-459 shows that they don't care to even connect it with the original bypass south of town. 

Caputo, go sit down and find something worthwhile to advocate that doesn't further destroy this region...

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