Thursday, October 1, 2009

Condoleeza is making one step closer to making Birmingham her new home

According to the Birmingham News, Condoleeza Rice is now a senior advisor to the board of directors and executive management of Regions Financial Corp.  She is currently working as a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and as a Political Science professor at Stanford University. 

So it seems to me that Condi making some steps towards getting more "involved" in Birmingham.  She also has enrolled at Greystone and Shoal Creek Country Clubs in the Greater Birmingham area.  I have a feeling that sister girl is trying to run for public office here because she has had zero contact with Birmingham for nearly 20 years.  Why all of asudden Condi wants to be here...


  1. Suppose you were a black conservative Republican like Condi.

    You loved California, you really did, but something about home, grabbed you on the inside. Plus, you had done everything you had planned to do at Stanford and there was little more that you could accomplish there.

    Why not come home to Alabama? Why not come home to Birmingham. UA would beg, borrow, or steal to make her President so she could officiate at Tide Games.

    Indeed, if you were laying the groundwork for a political future in the Republican Party, you would want to use the South as your base. Not California. The California G.O.P. couldn't beat Himmler in a race for Mayor of Jerusalem. But the Alabama G.O.P., on the other hand.....

    You could be Governor of Alabama if you were Condi Rice.

    Trust me on this. I know white Repulbicans in Alabama. They would vote for her in a heartbeat for Governor. Then they would run out and vote for Palin for President.

  2. Yeah, I know white Republicans would to claim they can vote for a black person. However, nobody else (like black voters) would vote for her because she doesn't stand by their values or issues.



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