Friday, October 2, 2009

As expected (by me), Chicago lost its bid for the 2016 Olympic Games

I knew it!  I knew it would occur because of the crime, history of political corruption, and just the bad economy in the US.  Chicago just isn't prepared, and the harbinger should have been when New York lost the bid for the 2012 Games to London about 2 years ago.  If New York couldn't land the game then why did the Obamas, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, Oprah, and Angelina Jolie think that Chicago had an actual chance.  The Atlanta Olympics in 1996 were a catastrophe and all it did was bring Atlanta more problems (traffic, overinflated ego of being a "big city", overexposure, proven the uselessness of its airport, the Centennial Park Bombing, and overexhaustion of its antiqued infrastructure since it is not really built as a "major city") than rewards (massive growth and recognition as a Gamma world city). 

Lesson learned, I hope.   However, now Obama is going to get from the usual detractors on the right and aversive racists.

Rio de Janiro will likely get is hosting the 2016 Games since there has never been any games in South America.  However, Madrid is also still in the running. 

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