Saturday, October 17, 2009

Update on former Justice Thomas and his trial in Mobile

An alleged victims' mother said, "he was a father-figure to her son" as she testified on the stand.  However, was surprised by the allegations surrounding Thomas. 

On Thursday, testimony from a 27-year-old alleged victim who is now serving time in federal prison saying that he collapsed from the paddling of Thomas while in his custody.  The mother of the 27-year-old witness testified Thursday that during a 2004 phone conversation, Thomas asked her for permission to paddle her son.

Also another now 35-year-old victim who has known Thomas since he was 17 alleges that he was paddled in exchange of being let out of prison early.  He testified that he stopped the paddling and walked out exclaiming, "I'm a grown man."


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  1. What in the good world! That man needs to be put away for good!



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