Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh, Corn on the Cobb County is showing its country conservative head

Johnathan Escobar, a 16-year old recent transplant to Georgia moved there to live with his older sister.  However, he has encountered more controversy than he did from his parents back in South Florida.  He was told at first before enrolling by the Cobb County School District officials that he was OK if he dress in his gender ambiguous attire.  However, within the first 3 days of starting school was basically told by an assistant principal of his former high school that his attire has cause a fight between students (one defending him).

Well, somebody should have warned him about the culture shock that he would face in Metro Atlanta compared to South Florida.  South Florida is more socially progressive than Metro Atlanta, but if he was to had relocated there he should have moved to Fulton or DeKalb Counties because anywhere outside of those 2 counties in Georgia is as conservative as the majority of the South.

Some of his supporters and friends have started a Facebook group supporting him called "Support Johnathan", but it's likely futile since "corn on the Cobb" County, GA is as "red" as blood when it comes to social conservatism.

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