Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Now what does this solve?

Once again, selfishness, idiocy, and stupidity strikes!  This time in the DC Metro aka "The DMV" over the relocation of the corporate headquarters of Northrop Grumman from Los Angeles to the region.  The recent inauguration of the socially-conservative Republican Virginia Governor Bob McConnell and his executive order that removed LGBT from the state's discrimination ordinance for employment.  He also blocked the passage of a legislation that would extend health benefits to the same sex partners of state employees.  This was at the recommendation of also recently elected Republican Virginia State Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli about LGBT issues.

The Sunday edition of the Washington Post covered the foolishness being perpetuated by openly gay Maryland State Senator Richard S. Madaleno Jr. (D-Montgomery County) and Equality Virginia to discourage Northrop Grumman from relocating to the Northern Virginia side of the DMV because of the executive order. 

Here's an exert from the letter from the Washington Post:

"Here in Maryland, we value our gay and lesbian citizens as part of a diverse population that makes the state strong," Madaleno wrote. "Virginia is doing the opposite and letting its LGBT citizens -- and those considering whether to move and work there -- know that they and their families are unwelcome second-class citizens. And they are counting on corporations like yours not to care."
Also Madaleno said that "Virginia is turning back the clock" in the letter.  However, Equality Virginia takes the cake by penning a similar to the Northrop Grumman CEO Wesley Bush also discouraging the corporation from locating in Northern Virginia.  Northrop Grumman has received a perfect rating from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) for its protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees.  Also known for its diversity and productivity involving its employee.

Now, my thing is last time I remember this is apart of the private sector and can make its own policies for its employees.  I would expect that Madaleno because he is vying for a new economic development opportunity for his state and district by playing up their more progressive issues and the recent decision by the Maryland Attorney General saying they would recognize same-sex unions from other jurisdictions.

The Commonwealth of Virginia isn't off the hook because like most former Jim Crow-law states, i.e., Southern states, they have right-to-work laws, which means you can be fired for anything.  Which is very detrimental to black, Latinos, LGBTs, etc. and working in states where employers can use this policy to terminate you.

However, the scorched earth ideology of Equality Virginia is dumb ass hell, and insures that they will likely not have any if not many working-class voters come next time a pivotal issue involving LGBTs.  Equality Virginia is saying to those who might want to get a decent job at the headquarters, screw you, because they didn't get their way.  Hell, as much I can't stand the current mayor of Birmingham, I'm not shitting on Birmingham even on this blog because of that.  My advice to Equality Virginia is with that type of strategy they are taking you are going to make more enemies than friends with that foolishness you are doing to your own state.  If you want enact change to the policy then push for the Virginia General Assembly to pass a legislative amendment that will change state employment laws permanently rather than burning crucial bridges with potential allies on progressive and working-class voter issue.  This stunt by Equality Virginia is exactly why there is such a disconnect between most progressive-leaning groups and LGBT-rights advocacy groups because a majority of time the latter will act extremely selfishly more than the former....

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