Thursday, March 4, 2010

The current electronic bingo bill failed in the Alabama Senate

DISCLAIMER: Honestly, I feel like it was a flawed bill from the beginning because Alabama should do like neighboring Mississippi and just legalize class III gambling which is casino-style gaming including slot machines and table games rather than this crap.

The bill in the Alabama State Legislature that would allowed electronic bingo gaming at only 7 sites in state stalled in the Senate after the vote didn't yield enough for its passage.  The "Sweet Home Alabama" bill would have allowed electronic bingo games, what they call "casino", at 10 establishments in Jefferson, Mobile, Hale, Macon, Houston, and Lowndes counties.  The vote was 18-16, 3 short of what is needed for a 2/3rd majority for its passage.  The main opponents of it were Republicans from all over the state, particularly the ones from Greater Birmingham like Hank Erwin from Alabaster, Jabo Waggoner from Vestavia Hill, and Steve French of Birmingham.  The bill was drafted and sponsored by the controversial pork-barreling Rodger Bedford of Hamilton (Democrat) and pushed by Alabama Senate President Pro-Tem Rodger Smitherman (and also husband of Birmingham District 6 City Councilor, Froglady aka Carole Smitherman). 

Like I said go for the full fledged thing of casino-style gambling rather than select locations of this bullshit when you know you can go the full 100 yards rather than 45-50 yards with retarded results. 

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