Saturday, March 20, 2010

Now the TRUE COLORS are coming out!

While the healthcare debate comes to a head, I mean vote, there have been hoards of TEAbaggers in DC around the governmental buildings cutting up like roaches in an empty nasty house.  Those jackasses were calling out names at John Lewis of Georgia's 5th Congressional District (which is pretty much all of the city of Atlanta and some of the surrounding areas) and openly gay Massachusetts' 4th district Congressman Barney Frank.  The terms "nigger" and "faggot".others such Missouri's 5th district Congressman Emmauel Cleaver was spat on.  Meanwhile, the supporters of the "movement" is purportedly denying the existence of racial bias (however, I doubt that one for sure).  Now they aren't going to be as nice about the whole homophobia at all because that is openly accepted.  However, it's disgusting yet not surprising that some white people are showing their TRUE COLORS within the "Angry White People Coalition".  What's even more tale-telling is how obvious some people are to this for all this time when in reality there the indicators have been there from jump, the TEA Party movement is the closed-minded, white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant crowd that doesn't give a flying fuck about anybody but themselves and obviously abhors the thought of having a non-white president because it shows they are losing control of the nation's leadership positions.

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