Monday, March 22, 2010

Tragically, ACORN is done...

While the healthcare reform legislation passed in the House and Democrats and some Progressive patting themselves on the back for the accomplishment of a controversial issue, ACORN's board of directors decided to fold the national urban issues advocacy organization citing depleting funds.  SIGH! 

It's a time like this when we really need ACORN because they have fought long and hard for the people against predatory lending involved in the housing crisis, jobs, living wage, voting right, and education reform.  Last fall, the ignorant brigade of Angry White People Coalition and idiots and so-called "progressives" like Congressman John Conyers voted to strip the critical funding that the federal government gave to the organization.  Those idiots were reacting and believing that garbage from that idiotic white boy who prove to be a fraud and a criminal himself.  ACORN did win a court battle that they fought to get their funding back, but unfortunately the damage was done...

This shit disgusts me to no end because this organization actually helped those who couldn't speak for themselves.  The New Orleans-based organization's mission was always to fight to the hardships of those who were either impoverish, undeserved, or non-white, but of course this will go into the abyss because healthcare... SMH

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