Monday, March 15, 2010

Why teachers' unions are the problem?

After watching enough TV ads into ad nauseum from Alabama's Education Association (AEA) and other teachers' unions across the nation, I've come to the conclusion when it comes to education reform in Alabama and most places that teachers' union are at fault.  Yeah, I said it!  They seem to be come preoccupied with preserving the teachers' jobs rather than educating students with the best methods.  However, instead we have this bizzaro situation where they are flooding the airwaves with the same ignorance that socially conservative interest groups uses to scare the common consumer into believing that "Washington wants to control your lives and your children's education with their liberal ideology".  Sounds familiar, huh? 

Also in other non-Southern states like Rhode Island, where there are school districts that are bold enough to terminate the entire teaching staff of a school when that isn't the answer either.  The administrators should be held as equally accountable as the teaching staff because this problem didn't form overnight and those administrators who have been there for years have seen this coming and knew what was happening.  So if you are going to fire the teachers then the administrators needs to be fired as well.  This hierarchical prejudice and ridicule of those on the lower end of the totem pole needs to cease because those higher ups are just as responsible.

Meanwhile, states like Alabama are missing out on critical funds that are needed to fund charter schools because the teachers' unions are too busy trying to cover their asses and member enrollment and dues.  The radical polarity of their isn't wise or practical at all because most solutions to any problem doesn't require switching from one end of the spectrum to another.  Also this is the time for those with a little sense and individual thought to stand up to these damn teacher's unions and their bullshit whining, bitching, and moaning about preserving their members' jobs when they are have school districts like Birmingham that are nothing but jokes, but all the administrators are getting paid $100K salaries annually....  SMDH

A little advice to Progressives, don't ally yourself with unions especially teachers' unions because as every other interest group, it's every man for himself.  Pluralistic alliances are ALWAYS the most productive ones because it allows the issue to be pushed to the forefront and made into a policy.

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