Thursday, December 9, 2010

Now what exactly is this going to prove?

I'm starting to wonder if the partisan purists of the Democratic party wants to see this fight blow up in the President's face.  Especially after today when House Democrats wants to block the resolution as is that would allow the passage of the combined bill allowing an long term extension of unemployment benefits in return for a 2-year extension of the tax cuts on the wealthy.  However, what most of them haven't anticipated is the American people will blame them meaning House and Senatorial Democrats in 2012 if they economy stalls because of this "proof of cuming political points" against Congressional Republicans.  I hate the idea of giving an extension to those whom makes $250K+ annually, i.e. the "Bush-era tax cuts".  Meanwhile, the people who are going to be punished is those whom make below this tax bracket and the long-term unemployed.  Every battle shouldn't be won if you are attempting to win a war, but I guess this notion is lost on deaf ears of some Democrats that wants revenge, political revenge.

All I can say let's hope the counter-deal that the Democrats are crafting is going to work....

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