Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And what exactly suppose to be said about the 'compromise'?

Let's see President Obama decided to 'co-opt' a 'compromise' with the Senatorial Republicans over the "Bush-era" tax cuts that are set to expire on 1/1/11 along with a 13-month extension of unemployment benefits which expired on 11/30.  Seems like a no-brainer to me.  However, so of my fellow more partisan-oriented progressives want to hold the unemployed hostage like what happened over the summer to prove a point.  Uh, how in the hell thinks this is a good idea?

Let's be realistic, Obama is setting the Republicans up to be exposed as the classist bastards they are in 2012 when the tax cuts are up for debate again.  Also he isn't going to be held to some delusional partisan ideal that some of my fellow progressives but also liberals will live and breathe by until they day they die.  Common sense will tell you that nothing in life is cut and dry especially in politics.  Now if some of my fellow progressives doesn't realize this then that is on them, but I know what is up with this 'compromise'.

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