Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh how cute, another opportunist but this one is black and it's in Georgia

I couldn't leave this one out!

According to the Democratic Party of Georgia, one of their few north Georgian black Democrats (outside the immediate Metro Atlanta area) is switching parties.  His name is Ashley Bell, and is a former president of the Georgia chapter of College Democrats and current Hall County commissioner for the District 4.  He said quote:
“After consulting with family my conscience leads me to determine that the Democratic Party is no longer aligned with my core beliefs,” Bell said. “In short, my personal convictions and conservative beliefs fit comfortably within the Republican Party. That’s why I have made my decision to officially become a Republican.”
“As a Hall County Commissioner, I have strongly supported privatization of services to make them less expensive and more efficient. I have voted against spending increases, supported a resolution to declare English our official language, and supported strengthening ethics standards for government,” Bell said. “Too many Democrats seem to oppose these basic conservative ideas.”
Now I had to research this guys background.  According to the Gainesville Times, Bell is a Hall County native and a very active participant in the DNC, elected as the youngest delegate ever at the convention in 2000, 2004 where he was a primetime speaker.  Why the sudden flip?  Well, individuals whom know him has called him an "opportunist" and "I would posit that he wants a future. Good to know that he's willing to compromise his ideals to accomplish that".  Hmmm....interesting and tale-telling...  (h/t to Blog for Democracy)

It's opportunist season once again and you will see who is actually about clamoring for power and whose about their shit...

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