Friday, December 24, 2010

Interesting things that have occurred with Virginia

Since the passage of DADT repeal through both houses of Congress, there was a little stir amongst one of the Virginia many GOP delegates.  This one with the name, Bob Marshall, from Prince William County, which is apart of the Metro Washington area of Northern Virginia, is drafting a bill for the regular session of Virginia General Assembly to enforce a state ban on any LGBT members of the Virginia National Guard.  However, this one snag to his plan, the Virginia National Guard is 95% federally funded, so how exactly does Mr. Marshall plan on funding something like if the violate federal law?

I mean this is a recession, and many states are still cash-strapped or deep in the red, but whom how legislating social policy is more important than common sense?

YEAH, OK....***EYE ROLL***

Meanwhile, I'm awaiting for Virginia AG Cuccinelli to come out the gate with some bull that will say it's legit and then the federal court will overturn the stupid law then they all whine the feds are trying to take over everything again, and scene.  It's like a melodramatic act in a play seen all too many times.

(links courtesy of the Washington Post)

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