Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I am still around

I am currently contemplating if I will be shifting to the WordPress site I own or continue to hold this domain to blog.  As more free time and renewed dedication to expressing myself comes clear to me in the coming weeks I will decide.

Oh yeah, let's me say this.  I am annoyed with Beyonce and her hype machine, but that is all.  I have never been a fan like that rather appreciative of the artistry.

On the planning front, it looks like the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham is under fire again by Alphabet Soup but this type using a lobbyist firm.  They accused RPCGB of aiding environmentalists in sabotaging their pet project that leads to nowhere and goes through nothing but ecologically sensitive environs.  Those assholes stay trying to force the Greater Birmingham area to continue to sprawl out into the hollow ground of northern Jeffco with their multi-billion dollar boondoogle.  I do mean hollow ground considering I know how many abandoned mines are located in that portion of Alabama's most populous county.  Can you say sinkholes?

In Metro Atlanta, the rush to municipalize all areas within the two core counties that are economically viable and thriving continues.  Now the aversively racist white suburbanites (whom are actually urbanites) within DeKalb County are pushing for the creation of the "City of Briarcliff" in North Central DeKalb County.  This initiative is another imagination-gone-wild creation of upset over the shift in demographic suburban white Georgians that DeKalb County is no longer a white-dominated haven of years past (see the creation of the "City of Dunwoody, Georgia" for proof).  The Briarcliff group will release a "feasibility study" about their imaginary "city" so it can become reality.  The true gag is the conflict with the better organized (terms in developmental patterns and actually having a "main street business district") "City of Tucker" initiative over the Northlake Mall commercial and business district.  Apparently, there is a battle royale over whom will claim the Northlake Commercial District.  Yep, Atlanta is trying to catch up with Birmingham over which Southern major metro has the most balkanized urban core.

'Tis is all for now.


  1. I think you have it wrong. There is a city of Lakeside trying to form that is cherry picking the more white affluent areas and commercial districts while Briarcliff is the one being inclusive of all the areas regardless of how much revenue they generate (even the poorer ones). I know, I live in the area Lakeside would leave out. So there are actually 3 areas with eyes on Northlake. Tucker and Briarcliff are talking. Lakeside (which I would say is the proposal you are talking about) refuses and is trying to politicize the whole thing. I support Briarcliff because it is inclusive and leaves nobody behind. As a Dekalb resident for 15 yrs, however, I have to say they are not doing what they need to do for anyone regardless of income or race.

  2. Are you sure about that? There has been an open secret that since both Fulton and DeKalb County commissions have major black representation that both counties ought to be forced out of municipal government for the unincorporated areas of their respective jurisdictions.

    I am familiar with the imaginary "City of Lakeside" but like Dunwoody is obvious that is a group of upset white suburbanites that are pressed that those "dirty blacks" are running things in Decatur for all of DeKalb County.

    My rule of thumb is this, if Fairfax County, Virginia and Prince Georges County, Maryland can function as large municipal governmental bodies for their respective areas around Metro DC then Fulton and Dekalb County ought to be allowed to do the same here in Metro Atlanta.



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