Sunday, January 13, 2013

Things I don't miss about the Chattahoochee Valley...this incident reminds me why

Things like this idiotic child.

He is obviously a product of this environment.  Where blacks and whites intergrating into a social setting is this particular area is damn near impossible.

Anyways, 17-year-old Derek Shrout wrote in a journal that he left at school wanted to commit a violent act against a number of students that attended Russell County High School in Seale, Alabama.  Shrout also proclaimed himself a "white supremacist" wanted to kill numerous black students and 1 assumed gay student.  He plead not guilty at his pending charges.  His parents bonded him out at $75,000 soon as his court arraignment was over.  (Probably for his safety known this locale is in the middle of the Black Belt, and loaded with more blacks behind bars than whites whom have nothing else left to lose knowing this about that idiot...) 

The killing thing is that some of his classmates noticed a change in his behavior in the past few months.  Shorout went from a being a teen dedicated to the JROTC to a one that congregated and focused around others with white power oriented activities even doing the Nazi salute and chant.  He apparently is a military brat and relocated with his family from Kansas to Alabama in the past year.

I'm not surprsed at his fellow (white) classmates being so non-chalant about his views on non-whites and other societal minorities.  However, what is more embarrassing is the black male student in 1st link being dumbfounded at this possibly happening at Russell County High School.  I wasn't that naive in at that age...SMH

Oh course, the media (WTVM/Columbus) doing their job of speaking to familiars to this loon.  His mother was saying "he is a good boy" (cue eye roll).  However, I thank Gawker for this article because it spells it out in long form why the US media does such dubious things for only white males when everybody else is assumed to be guilty-as-charged.

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