Sunday, June 30, 2013

Now this is ridiculous and interesting…

Alabama and Georgia doesn’t just share a common border.  Instead both state’s Democratic parties share the same damn problems at the same damn time.  Although I haven’t been blogging extensively, the Alabama Democratic Party (ADP) has seen a mutiny of sorts with now former party leader, Mark Kennedy, jumping ship and forming his own Democratic caucus.  As a result, the resident asshole, Joe Reed, and human Goodyear blimp, Nancy Worley, are running the party when neither one of them are capable or possess the competency to do the job.  Anyways here in Georgia, the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) apparently the same thing is occur where the former chairman, Mike Berlon, whom faced a mountain-load of criticisms that led to his resignation.  As a result, both Alabama and Georgia are without chairmen of their state Democratic parties. 
Another parallel is the efforts of both Democratic parties to have white males as their chairmen.  DPG must have one because according to Jim Galloway of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, party rules says that the chairman and vice-chairman must be “demographically opposite” of one another.

First, the Charter provides that the Chair and the First Vice-Chair must be of opposite gender. (C.4.1.2).  Since the State Committee elected a female First Vice-Chair at the last party general election, and that officer is still serving, the Charter requires that the Chair be male. Second, the Charter provides that where a racial group constitutes 20% or more of the registered voters in the state then at least one member of that group must be an officer as either Chair, First Vice-Chair, or additional Vice-Chairs. (C.4.1.3). The Party had been in compliance with this provision because the Chair was white. The resignation of that officer creates a non-compliance situation. The Charter, therefore, restricts candidates in this special election by race. Thus, any white male Democrat is eligible to run in this special election.”

ADP doesn’t have such stringent rules.  Instead, they want to do this to appease to the mostly simple-minded (by default racially prejudice) white Alabamian voters whom has jumped from the Democratic to Republican affiliations because of the “big bad negro in the White House” and the fact that ADP has been too stupid to evolve with the times.  The ADP has forced-fed the idea of Alabama House Representative Craig Ford of Gadsden ought to be the de-facto Alabama Legislative Democratic leader because he is white (shocker right?).  The same ideology is behind the ADP whom wants its face to be led by a white male as well.

Sometimes, a dragging ought to be in order like how Alabama House Representative Joe Mitchell of Mobile did to that prejudiced ass that wrote him attempting to chastise and patronize him about racial politics and gun rights.  I feel that ought to be the case with the demographic game of shuffle that attempts to placate the “feeble minds” of those confirmation bias-seeking types of white Southerners.  It is annoying to watch after something as ignorant as hell as this past week with the weakening of the Voters’ Rights Act of 1964 on the grounds of “Section 5 being only applied to jurisdictions with historical precedence of racial discrimination”.  Though I do agree Section 2 ought to be enforced which would guarantee pre-clearance  nationwide, but we all know by now the GOP-led US House of Representatives lacks the fortitude to pass such a progressive statute since it would arguably work against the “grand scheme (of keeping non-whites out of power in the long run)”.

On a localized standpoint, Georgia and Alabama are both shifting demographically away being predominately white states.  The rhetoric that seems to be tossed around by *sic (white) commenters on both the Birmingham News and now the Atlanta Journal Constitution websites are that “blacks and Hispanics will wake up and becoming economically independent and will become conservative”.  Actually, those dipshits don’t realize that the reason why black, Hispanic, Asian, and other non-white Americans aren’t voting for Republicans is simple they aren’t here for the mostly white Republican Party racial prejudice.  I’m done for now…

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