Monday, April 26, 2010

A moment to speak on Arizona...

Well since Arizona is apart of the Sunbelt, in my humble opinion a de facto extension of the South, so I'll speak on the Florida-esque state where they recently passed one of the most racebaiting laws in modern history against Hispanics in particular.  (Don't act all brand new, come on you know they were aiming for them...)

I just love the quotes of the Arizona's appointed governor, Jan Brewer, who was put in place last year after Janet Napolitano became Homeland Security secretary said:
"We in Arizona have been more than patient waiting for Washington to act, but decades of inaction and misguided policy have created a dangerous and unacceptable situation."
Now I will say the immigration situation has gone on for far too long, but remember the under the 8 years of the Bush administration nothing occurred either.  The pragmatic part of me says "yeah, I agree Gov. Brewer", but the rational socially alert practical side of me sides "Uh, this heifer just gave the A'OK to racial profiling by responding to conservative white ignorance to preserve her seat in office for a full term come election time."  This law is so poorly written that even municipal police chiefs including the former chief of Phoenix suburb, Mesa, are against it, and that says A LOT.

I just love that good ol' anti-Washington sentiment where the talking conservative dittoheads do their dirty work blaming everybody but their own conservative representatives in Congress (HUH, John "I talk out of both sides of my mouth on everything" McCain, John Kyl, and the rest of the Congressional Republican brigade from AZ!).  Anyways, it gets even better when she said this:
"This bill strengthens the laws of our state, protects all of us, every Arizona citizen...  It does so while ensuring that the constitutional rights of all remain solid, stable."
Aww, how cute!  You are feeding the fodder for the alarmist crowd with the notion "we are now safe, now don't worry your pretty white head about those god-awful Mexicans".  A recent poll published in the Arizona Republic shows that the majority of the (white) Arizonians support this fuckery by 70%.  Yeah, this is bullshit at it extraordinarily worst, and we can see some white people will give life to ANYTHING and the foolish in the GOP (and to certain extension the Democratic Party) will feed into their ignorance to stay in office.  Yet the entire state of Arizona was a part of Mexico once upon a time, so the whites pushing this law are not only racist but subjecting those whose families may have a long history with the land than there was a state known as Arizona to racial profiling because of their paranoia.  TISK, TISK, TISK....

However, there is a more!  Arizona State House passed a bill about 2 weeks ago that requires the subjective declaration that Presidential candidates are native-born American citizens and want to see proof of their birth certificate shown to the Arizona Secretary of State, who handles candidates who appear on the ballot and other electoral issues.  In other words, they want to require the current sitting president, Barack Obama, proof of natural born citizenship before he can be placed on the ballot in 2012.  Yeah, these idiots are UNBELIEVABLE in Arizona, but at least they are now topping Virginia these days for once.  However, we are seeing the retrograding of previously pseudo-progressive or forward-thinking states, but Arizona has always been more conservative since it's high older white retiree population like Florida.  Also let's not forget it was the last 2 states (along with New Hampshire) to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday as a state holiday in 1990 (co-thanks to John McCain and then-sitting AZ governor Evan Mecham)...

The fallout is widespread from San Francisco city attorney is calling for a boycott of Arizona to Congressional Democrat, Raul Grijalva, from Arizona actually calling of a boycott of his own home state to tourism and economic development officials are worried to a refried bean swastika being painted on the windows of the Arizona State Capitol building in Phoenix. 

All this history of Arizona and its fuckery is enough to definitely hamper their economic development ventures among other things.  What ashame!  I once upon a time wanted to move to Phoenix, but after learning all this about Arizona and its socially conservative and aversive racist history and mindset, NOPE! 

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