Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why Erykah Badu? Why?

Why would you think it was a good idea for your black ass to film a music video without a permit in Dealey Plaza of the central business district of Dallas and then strip nude in front of a group of majority white bystanders?
Hello?  You are in TEXAS for all sense and purposes; although you are a native of the region, you KNOW this is the Bible Belt and one of the most socially conservative states in the Union. SMDH! 

Personally, I think it is a good song, but the video sucks ass.  Reeks of low-budgetness compared to the other videos I know of in her decade and half long music career, so WTF?  It's not really artistic when you are trying to make a psuedo-sociopolitical statement in your hometown when nobody including your fans doesn't even get it...

Now you have the simple-minded white suburbanites of the Metroplex blogging and talking about how "indecent",  "unartistic", and "needs to be rebuked" along with the Dallas City Council is looking to tighten its city ordinances on film production within the city limits.  On top of that now you have to deal with a disorderly conduct charge within Dallas Municipal Court.  I'm just saying if you going to make a point then at least make on that is solvent or coherent to the point that most of us would understand what you are trying to say rather than looking like a desperate attention whore in anticipation of your latest album.   Going to jail over something that is miscellaneous like this when you could be protesting much more important things like the economic and social issues then you are a lost soul truly.

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