Monday, April 5, 2010

I want some people to STFU on this whole Obama Census form crap!

Over the New York Times story discussing how Barack Obama filled out on the race identification section of the U.S. Census form for himself.  REALITY CHECK: if Barack Obama was an average citizen that was seen on the streets or (God forbid) pulled over for an offense by law enforcement do you realize that his race would be identified as a black male.  Yeah, he was raised by his clearly white mother along with his second generation Irish American maternal grandparents, but he said in his own autobiographical story that he has come to identify himself as an 'African American' or in my terms, black.  It's not that hard to understand that since the one-drop rule has been enforced in most social circles of our society in this nation since the times of slavery that if a person appears have more physical traits uncommon to most white Americans then they are considered 'non-white'.  This following quote by a commentator on The Huffington Post sums it up quite eloquently:
Most people do not consider biracial black/whites to be white 9.5/10 no matter what. If Barack Obama was some hustler in Chicago, or a janitor in Idaho no one would look at him and say "Oh, he's half white so he really could be white". That just doesn't happen. Like he's said in his books, Obama has always been treated and regarded as a Black man.

The only time anyone wanted to seriously talk up his "White" side was when it looked like he was about to become President and afterwards. Just like South Koreans wanted to claim Hines Ward 'after' he became MVP. In lesser circumstances these men would be considered (and treated) as black period.

Obama's white side never helped him catch cabs. It never stopped many whites from calling him an affirmative action candidate. His white side didn't stop Glenn Beck from saying he has a deep seated hatred of white people. His white side didn't help him in the Louis Gates incident last year when whites freaked out after he said police officers acted stupidly (which they did). His white side hasn't helped convince ignorant masses that our Democratically elected president is a legal citizen of the US.

He can identify as he likes and he identifies as Af-American. I'm not sure why some whites are getting upset over a societal norm that they created, promoted, and complacently live by everyday.
The fact that some whites want to claim Barack Obama as a member of the in-group when many doesn't even consider their own biracial or multiracial relatives as 'white' although their blood says A LOT of the trivialized mindset of a number of individuals in that demographic group.  It's quite simple, the man sees himself as black and if you don't respect then that is your problem.  However, don't conveniently consider a person a part of a demographic group when otherwise other individuals who have more apparent traits associated with being white are denied instantly because of their lack of prominence or achievements.  It's hypocritical and very evident of the apparent sift and dissidence in our society when it comes to concepts of race identification and white privilege.  (I'll leave that to the blog Stuff White People Do to discuss since it's entirely dedicated to such topics). 

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