Saturday, April 3, 2010

Poll: Black voters show aptness towards voting again in November

Black voters seem to be still enticed to vote in the Congressional midterm elections later on this year although President Obama won't be on the ballot.  A poll conducted by the nonpartisan Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies surveyed 500 blacks in the states of Missouri, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Indiana about the upcoming election cycle.  2/3rd of their responses were very optimistic about voting again come November.  This might be a good sign for Democrats in these states since the majority of these black voters also identified as Democrats.

However, as I warned Democrats up for reelection in February, to stop being so damn literal and reactive towards rural and exurban white voters since most of them are going to vote emotionally rather rational or logically.  The true swing voters in this election cycle may just be the turnout of non-white voters who seem to be more reactive towards economic, social, and political conditions rather than the 2 of the 3 issues associated with most of the aforementioned demographic of white voters.  

It's going to be an interesting year politically with so many people who spent their wheels in the first quarter of the year shitting on anybody that didn't agree with their point-of-view.  Now with the healthcare reform issue resolving itself with the Congressional bill's passage, it's time for those to either get-over-it or focus on more tangible issues like immigration, the economy, jobs, or social issues.  All of which is something those who bitch and moan are better at rationalizing a legitimate argument.

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