Thursday, April 22, 2010

Republicans are aiming for Alan Grayson ...

If you don't know who Alan Grayson is...  Well, you should most definitely should google or search on YouTube for clips of his rants and antics (and I like them all because the man speaks THE TRUTH for a Democrat but he is also a fellow progressive).  Anyways, the Orlando Sentinel is reporting that the Florida Republican Party aka Florida GOP has been reeling and scheming to take Grayson downI guess they can't handle somebody that tells it like it is...

They have apparently are hoping on the national scene a political nobody, but on the state-level clearly a mover and shaker (and former state senator representing the Greater Orlando area).  After reading the article it seems like the GOP will have a grand ole party with the Republican primary to prove who has the fortitude to take down Grayson in the November midterms elections.   Which I doubt they will because Grayson seems to have a number of fans in the politically moderate Greater Orlando 8th Congressional district of Florida. 

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