Thursday, September 17, 2009

Woman is beaten in front of daughter in Morrow, Georgia (Metro Atlanta)

I don't know if this is a sign of the times or just random,

An black Army Reservist and her daughter were leaving a Cracker Barrel in Morrow, in southern portion of Metro Atlanta, when a white male, Troy Dale West, attacked Tashawnea Hill by beating her in the head several times.  Hill alleges that she did nothing other than told West to "watch it when going through doors" because he hit her daughter.  Also he used the epithet, "black, nigger bitch" while pummeling Hill in the head. This incident occurred last week. 

According to Hill herself on CNN Newsroom quoted, "Some white people were even standing around and smiling while the incident occurred", and witnesses also said they said the same.  However, West claims that she spat on him, but the same witnesses said that didn't occur at all.  The Atlanta FBI office is investigating this as a potential hate crime.

All I got to say is it does like a hate crime and this is Metro Atlanta once again proving what I said about Atlanta.  It's not paradise in there no more than it is in Birmingham...

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