Friday, September 11, 2009

Attempts to rejoin SWMA fails

Well, Bettye Fine Collins attempted to get a resolution passed Tuesday to have Jefferson County rejoin the Storm Water Management Authority of Jefferson County (SWMA) after pulling out earlier this year.  Instead the commission also voted unanimously to carry over another resolution to authorize the finance director to transfer as much as $1.4 million from the SWMA account to the organization.

Apparently, Collins realized that the county government can't afford to make payments on its bonds, pay its employees, or maintain anything at this point that if they were to do their own water testing and management that would require them either hiring or training 15 employees to do this (which they can't afford).  So it was a smart move on Collins part, but too little, too late because what's done is done and the "majority" (3 commissioners) have cock-blocked the county from rejoining the organization.  However, after the resolution failed to pass (3-2) she said that she wouldn't bring it up again.

Of course this another lobbying move by BARD, Business Alliance for Responsible Development, who are IMHO the fools like Alabama Power 'n dem that likes to make sure the Greater Birmingham area continues to sprawl out of control.  The main commissioners blocking the resolution includes Bobby Humphreyes, Jim Carns, and Shelia Smoot, who allegedly have all been recipients of campaign contributions from organization affiliated with BARD. 

SWMA was created back in the 1980s as a result of the EPA getting on to area governments for not being up to federal guidelines when it came to stormwater and drainage runoff to area waterways.  So this "ahead of its time" regional agency was created with the involvement with then all area governments including Birmingham, Jefferson County, and all municipalities.  However, BARD has made it their goal to destroy SWMA accusing them of "having too many employees", "being another bureaucratic mess", "wasting valuable funds" etc.; in other words, used faux libertarian accusations without offering any solutions themselves other than promoting further irresponsible development and sprawl.  Ironic, considering their name has "responsible development" in its tag.

Sigh!  SMH

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