Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jimmy Carter said it: "Wilson's outburst is based on racism" and Tim Wise has already reiterated

LOL, former President Carter said in an interview with Brian Williams for a future special on NBC and again Tuesday at the Carter Center in Metro Atlanta said explicitly that Congressman Wilson's outburst last week during the speech before the joint session of Congress was racially based.
"Aversion to have a black person as president.”
“I think it’s unprecedented to attack a president, wishing he were dead, and equating him with animals and Adolf Hitler.  That was the point that I made.”
Well, you have to  give it up to President Carter because he is saying what most rational and coherent individuals without presumptuous ideals about the controversy surround President Obama have been saying for awhile now.  The LGBTs have been complaining, but due to the inactivity associated with the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT), Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), and federal hate crimes laws covering sexual orientation and gender identity.  However, that doesn't really lie along the lines of true aversive racism rather privilege idealism and impatience.

Now, the fools associated with the "tea parties" also known as the "Taxed Enough Already" groups, they seem to focus on things that should have been talked about during the Bush administration.  This will talked about right now since this past weekend on CNN Newsroom, Don Lemon interviewed Tim Wise, an anti-racist author and public speaker from originally from Nashville, spoke about how much of the Republicans and Libertarians that have been gawking about the President's "out of control" policies is based on "white racial guilt".

Interesting because I've been wondering that myself about most of this resentment even before this outburst and all that jazz.  Ironically, I know of one gay Army reservist that is white and "Libertarian" that tries his damnest to ignore the foolishness of so many of the "tea parties".  I mean how many signs does one need to see to know that there is something up with some white Americans in this nation with this presidency.  There was little to no real controversy aside from the liberal Democrats booing Bush during joint sessions and other meetings, but it seems that these conservatives and border-line anarchistic individuals seems to be hell-bent on destroying the Obama administration because he is black more than he is a Democrat.

Clinton had dealt with the foolishness of the social conservatives and Republicans by just throwing it back at them and essentially shutting down Washington in 1996.  However, Obama has to tread shallow waters of not seeming to be bias on basis of race, party, or ideology.

Boy, what a mouthful!

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