Thursday, September 3, 2009

Uh, oh! Another Republican is apparently a closet case

These are another one of the 'friends' that love to talk shit, but they act like their shit doesn't stank.  His name is Andre Bauer, he is the Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina.  Apparently, Mike Rogers of has outed his clown for sure.  He goes into detail how Mr. Bauer's numerous flings with young men (nearly half his age) to him being a "confirmed bachelor".  Oh yeah, I love the "confirmed bachelor" part because that is code word for being a "friend".  His spokesperson is screaming foul at his naysayers attempt to "tarnish" his image.  You gotta love this because if Governor Mark Sanford is impeached for his actions including leaving the state without notifying anyone to using state vehicles to do this then Bauer is going to be Governor.  LOL

What's so funny is the rumors is a South Carolina State Legislator, and out lesbian, Linda Ketner, outed him, that queeny ass Lindsey Graham along with the SC Senator President Pro-Tem Glenn McConnell last year.  As the saying goes, one person it's a rumor, two people there's some truth, three or more it's a fact. 

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