Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He's been rebuked, well actually just formally admonished

Yeah, the House voted 240-179 formally to admonish Congressman Wilson of South Carolina.  Apparently fellow South Carolinian Congressman, James Clyburn was the main person to bring it to the floor for vote.  Also Wilson spoke today exclaiming:
"I think it is clear to the American people that there are far more important issues facing this nation than what we're addressing right now..."
Well, Wilson is trying to downplay it even though he is the first member of Congress in its 220-year history to be formally "rebuked" in the House.  IMHO, he should just been thoroughly censured if not expelled, but that's me.  Also the members of the Congressional Black Caucus pointed out the racial aspect of this outburst and some of this foolishness tied to the controversy with all this anti Obama crap.  However, it is what it is.  I'll touch on some interesting stuff I heard on CNN this weekend later or tomorrow.

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