Thursday, October 7, 2010

What did I miss?

I guess back in the Greater Birmingham area, there has been the continual battle amongst Jefferson County Commissioners over the 2011 general budget.  It's mostly been over whether or not they should allocate funds to open the Bessemer branch of county jail and paying the federally-appointed receiver a $1 million annual salary for the overseeing of the sewer debt.  We also have to throw in the future of the existence of the occupational tax administered on all incomes generated from Jefferson County.  Cruella de Ville, Jim Carns, and George Bowman voted to do neither, but sooner than later they will have to do these tasks...

Also suburban Bessemer voters has ousted two-term mayor Ed May from office on October 5th for Kenneth Gully.  I guess the incident of firing the Bessemer city clerk the night before the election was the straw that broke the camel's back...

Meanwhile, the Alabama legislators and lobbyists that went down over stalling the regular session in the spring over the gambling bill vote has cause all the leadership and their sycophants of the ADP (the Alabama Democratic Party for outsiders) to call foul over the case.  Many are claiming this is partisan and an "October Surprise" to ruin any chances of the idiot on the Democratic side of the gubernatorial ticket, Ron Sparks, of winning come November 2nd.  (Oh hell, oh well.  They brought that shit on themselves because those assholes in that damn party do right by Artur Davis then will continue to suffer from a bitch named "karma".  In the words of Cadillac Kimberly, "They all need to hold hands and kiss his muthafuckin' ass..."

I'm just plain blank staring at this mess because it's just aggravating watching this mess occur here.

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