Thursday, October 14, 2010

What the hell?

The dispute between the newly elected (uh why is this an elected position again?) Jefferson County treasury, Jennifer Champion and the Jefferson County Commission has gone too damn far.  According to the Birmingham News, now their dispute is apparently holding up the dispersing of payroll for those whom receive their salary via direct deposit.  It's getting to the point of disillusion because Champion, a Republican, and Jeffco Commission President, Bettye Fine Collins, a Republican as well have been butting heads since last spring over funds.  I swear there needs to be total, I MEAN TOTAL, overhaul of the Jefferson County government from elected officials such as treasury, sheriff, etc. to only being appointed by a county executive (whether it is county mayor, president, or executive) and approved by the Jefferson County legislative branch (whether it is a commission, board of legislators, council with at least 2 at-large elected seats).  I'm dumbfounded at how ignorant these individuals are about their stances on fighting and effecting others payroll in the process.  SMH

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