Thursday, October 14, 2010

SMH! I have no words for the craziness

There seems to be a coup amongst Southern rural white Democrat reps to down right sabotage any efforts to maintaining sanity in the region.  Let me see, there is Bobby Bright in Alabama's 3rd congressional district trying his damnedest to make sure his gullible (predominately white) constituency that he is an "conservative independent, gun-totting, down-to-earth type of guy".  Uh yeah, that'll work in the long, Bobby...

The curious case of déjà vu for Alabama's 5th congressional district (you know the place where current sitting representative Parker Griffith switched sides from Democrat to Republican because he felt it would help him get reelected), with their "Democratic" nominee (I used that term lightly), Steve Raby is basically playing from the same book of ambiguity as Griffith.  This is just Alabama.

Meanwhile in Georgia, there is their 8th congressional district (middle Georgia around Macon), their sitting representative, Jim Marshall, saying he is a "conservative, gun-totting, fighting against Washington conservative".  It seems like the same script, different cast all over the South with rural, white Democratic representatives.  They seem to want to be associated with this culture of hokey bullshit (yeah, I went there), so they can go back and repeat the same thing they did before (nothing that I can see other than be a placeholder).

This is bull is the textbook reason why I don't fool with rural politics because it's all about being very hokey and WASPy along with be very vague on platform details other.  The ad populum fallacy of this crap is they aren't progressing their constituents' interests nor are they being a leader at all rather jumping on the bandwagon of mediocrity.

I'm an independent, but have hardline stances that are represents social progression and fiscal responsibility.  Meanwhile, other constituents in their respective districts that maybe socially moderate, progressive, liberal, or non-white are left in the dust and having their loyalties to taken advantage of because they have a "D" behind their name.  This type of dysfunctional political behavior is the reason why most non-whites and socially progressive whites leave these areas.  These so-called "independent" Democrats are Tagalogs of the southern, closed-minded culture that has retarded this portion of the country as a whole.  My advice to them is position yourself as a social moderate and attempt to reach out and inspire the base to vote rather than chasing after the fickle and socially conservative whites, whom by default tend to vote for a Republican.

(Photos courtesy of Left in Alabama)

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