Saturday, June 19, 2010

This is the guy holding the Democratic nomination for South Carolina's U.S. Senate seat?

The information about that buffoon, Alvin Greene, keeps a coming.  He has proven to me to be the dumbest, most bizarre, and apparently a reprehensible individual.  The woman behind the allegations and case of Greene's felony obscenity charges, Camille McCoy, has spoken out in the past week to the Summerville Journal Scene newspaper in Summerville, South Carolina.  Guess what, McCoy is a white woman...oh, how typical of an idiotic minded fool like Alvin Greene...UGH! 
She had just sat down at one of the computer stations when an older black man, dressed as though he might be a repairman or custodian, sat down at the computer station next to her. She had noticed him when she had first entered the room, but had quickly forgotten about him as she concentrated on her work.

But then he started to become invasive — leaning toward her, talking close, trying to start conversations with her.
At first, Camille said she tried to politely ignore him. After all, the guy seemed more annoying than dangerous.
“To me, he seemed slow, “ she said. “He obviously wasn’t a student.”
Then he asked her if she liked football. When she offhandedly replied that she did, he told her to check out what was on his computer.
What was on his screen, however, was not football.
“It was porn – black on white pornography,” she said. “He scrolled through several pictures. I immediately told him that was offensive and he needed to leave. He laughed at me and said, ‘let’s go to your room.’”

WOW, WOW, WOW!  Greene is obviously something else, but this is what the voters of the Democratic U.S. Senatorial primary voted for the nomination...

Then there is the interview from a former fellow servicemen who knew Greene while in the military with Gawker:
Could you tell me a bit about your time working with Greene?

During the first couple of weeks of working with him, myself and most everyone else noticed that he wasn't all there mentally. Whenever he was given a simple task such as filling a temporary hand receipt it would never get done, mainly because he didn't know how to fill one out. And this is the most fundamental part of the job.
He also didn't show much interest in being a soldier. For instance, he was asked to do maintenance on the M249. This system is a little more complex than the regular service rifle. When it came to Greene's turn he was able to take the weapon apart but didn't know where to start when it came to put it back together. He showed no interest in learning and would mumble under his breath about not wanting to do it. So after a couple of months of trying and not getting anywhere, people just made sure he was where he was supposed to be and in the correct uniform. He would just basically come to work and stare at the wall till it was time for lunch and then do the same till it was time to go home for the day. The platoon sergeant tried to get him to go see a doctor for help but he would never seek help.

There have also been questions about his mental state, and whether he is mentally fit to serve. Frankly, judging from his interviews he doesn't seem to be all there.

What you see in his interviews is what we had to deal with. People have been saying he acts that way because he is nervous, but it's not true. He has a difficult time communicating and really doesn't enjoy people asking him personal questions. I noticed when he mumbles incoherently it means he is agitated.
But I think he is a smart person. I asked him why he didn't go to Officers Candidate School since he has a bachelors degree [from the University of South Carolina] and he answered, "Why would I do that since that would require more work?" After he said that I realized what he was doing. He was being very lazy and working the system to get by. Even though it's obvious that he suffers from some kind of mental illness, I have worked with people that suffer from alcoholism to bipolarism and they would put more effort into what they did during their day to day life then he ever did.
This guy is an IDIOT, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.  However, it gets even better with the CNN Newsroom interview with Don Lemon from last week.  Even Don Lemon felt this interview was bizarre:

Honestly, I don't know what the fuck went on there, and the fact that the South Carolina Democratic Party wants him to repeal from the ballot says a lot about the constituency.  This is idiocy at its very worst, yet some of the dumbass posters on Jack & Jill Politics have the audicity to want to support and find this dumbass "inspiring" because he has a "D" behind his name.  Uh yeah, this is just another reason why I'm an independent because some Democratic bloggers have proven they have juju beads for brains...

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