Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some things about to occur

It irks me to no end to see Congress rejecting the extension of unemployment benefits for those who are trying to find another job in this abyssal recession/depression by a 261-155 margin

As the debate over unemployment benefits continue in Washington, here are somethings that those Democrats and Republicans blocking the extension saying it "makes people lazy" should think about.  One there are 1.7 million people who are looking for jobs for at least 6 months, but still no luck at all.  This will increase to nearly 3 million people if this isn't extended.  Second, these people are your constituents in primarily in swing states like Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Nevada, where jobs aren't as plentiful as in the past, but these people will vote against you because of your callousness.  Third, the states that seem to be hurting the most are the reliably socially conservative states in the Deep South like Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, where unemployment is well over 10% of the employment rolls, but those idiots in DC like that  over the top effeminate closet case Lindsey Graham, the racist Jeff Sessions, the demented one Jim DeMint, and greedy fool like Richard Shelby are from these states.

Michigan Senator Carl Levin in the Huffington Post said that the claims that it will add to the deficit "lame", but he summed it quite well about the problem:

"The problem that exists -- 20 years ago I took a USA Today reporter out to an employment office and he interviewed the people in line waiting for their checks and it was a wide diversity of people, and it was a front-page story," Levin said. "The problem I have and you have is there's no place you can go to talk to the unemployment. They get their checks through the Internet -- the money's sent to them. So it's hard to put a human face on this, but there are 1.7 million human faces, plus their families, so we're determined to find a way to humanize this."
The media's negligence towards displaying the faces of this unemployment problem which should allow everyone including the recalcitrants in DC, who live off our dollars but couldn't give a damn about the people.

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