Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another curious case of irrationality involving Democrats, but this time in South Carolina

Normally, I wouldn't even say anything about the South Carolina unless it's just ubber-partisan or socially foolish since it is South Carolina (home to no real large Southern metro and the Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson region doesn't count).  Anyways, apparently on Tuesday the state Democratic voters have shown why there isn't any Democrats or progressives on the ballot to challenge seating U.S. Senate Jim "Demented" DeMint (google the son-of-bitch and see why I call him "demented"). 

The Democratic senatorial primary had to 2 candidates one a former justice and state legislator Vic Rawls and the other was an unemployed, military veteran, who lives at home with his parents, Alvin Greene.  Now I don't crap on vets, but this one is a doozy.  According to the Associated Press and the Hill, Greene has a pending conviction of felony involving obscene acts involving showing unwarranted displays of his penis towards a University of South Carolina female student and attempting to come to her dormitory residence.  (UGH!).  This Greene guy is a piece of work, but the idiocy amongst a number of Democratic voters on Tuesday like last week in Alabama is AMAZING.  Now the South Carolina Democratic Party is trying get Greene to step down, but he refuses quoting this statement from NPR and the Associated Press:
"The Democratic Party has chosen their nominee, and we have to stand behind their choice," Greene told the AP at his home in Manning. "The people have spoken. We need to be pro-South Carolina, not anti-Greene."
This foolishness has generated some major issues for the South Carolina Democratic Party as well as the DNC.  According to The Hill, U.S. House Whip and South Carolina Democratic Congressman James Clyburn said that "there is some shenanigans going on" and wants the U.S. attorney for South Carolina's Midlands district to investigate this.  Clyburne thinks Greene is a "plant". 
"I think there's some federal laws being violated in this race, but I think some shenanigans are going on in South Carolina," Clyburn explained. "Somebody gave him that $10,000 and he who took it should be investigated, and he who gave it should be investigated."

This is all because how can somebody unemployed come up with $10,000.  I would like to know because shit I could a cool $10,000 right now...

Oh yeah, Greene didn't even campaign or anything yet won 100,000 votes beating seasoned politicians who spent over $100,000 on the campaign by 59% margin.  Yeah, Democrats you guys are setting a precedent, but it's not well thought out one that will cost you an election in a time when Jim "Demented" DeMint is at his weakest.  Oh well, more proof that the Democratic party is a big ol' tent, but a number of them are idiots and fools...


  1. Foolishness, V. Pure, unadulterated foolishness at its worst. The DNC needs to more pragmatists at the top of leadership and leave the idiots to the fringe like the RNC should do as well.



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