Saturday, June 5, 2010

***SHRUG***, another chapter in black politics

Well in the case of Alabama, polls have closed and it has been reaffirmed to me and others that something is inherently wrong with the political landscape.  I've relentlessly time and time again made it known that even as early as last fall that Artur Davis was damned if he did and damned if he didn't, but he didn't give himself much slack when decided to stay in Congress long after "jumping the shark" with getting President Barack Obama elected to office.

But this post isn't about Artur Davis so as it is about how schadenfreudean individuals across the internet and nationwide are gleeful at Davis' loss Tuesday.  His interpolation of progressive and moderate political stances did confuse many, aggravate some, and infuriated a few.  However, Roland Martin's pious interpretation of Davis' lack of attention to black media outlets like his show on TV One, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, or Joe Madison's Sirius/XM radio show as "arrogant as hell".  Roland Martin himself is an arrogant and homophobic, so he doesn't have room to even talk about anybody considering his grandiose delusion of being the "sociopolitical voice of the black community".  To other idiots like Rod McCollum proving yet again he doesn't know shit about Alabama other than what others tell him, where he dedicates an entire post to rehashing the same tired mantra and half-truths about Davis while giving his sycophants an attempt rejoice at Alabama's loss of its only real progressive gubernatorial candidates for sometime to come.  Finally, the duplicity of Jack & Jill Politics poster "rikyhah" proves that it doesn't know shit either when it comes to Alabama politics.  Alabama black folks didn't vote against him because of his lack "loyalty" rather the fact that there was a rather low turnout and most (like myself) where ambivalent about the whole race in general because the Alabama Democratic party operates.  NOTE TO THEM: Numbers, facts, and knowledge of the area's local media outlets are your friends not The New York Times, Politico, or The Huffington Post when it comes to having the incite to make an informed comment about anything.

Davis along with his campaign miscalculated the willingness of the moderate to progressive voting base within Alabama to go to the polls.  This is symptomatic of the Alabama Democratic Party (ADP) lack of fortitude to move from being a post-Dixiecrat state party with black tokens to a modern Democratic National Convention state op where it's a big tent and a multitude of interest and individuals.  I've regurgitated over and over again a number of times why in this state it's so hap-hazardous for a southern state to allow black politicos to be elected to public office. Interesting, Josh Goodman of Governing magazine who summed it up quite accurately, "AL-Governor: Did the Voting Rights Act Doom Artur Davis?" , where he talked about how detrimental minority-majority districts have and can be for black politicians running for statewide offices in the South.  However, the barons of ignorance like Joe Reed & Co. aka "Alabama Democratic Coalition" and Hank Sanders and the Alabama New South Coalition are all against the removal of gerrymandered minority-majority districts where guarantees of black politicos are elected.   This does more of a disservice to those black voters in the long run than anything else since allows stalwarts of status quo want to maintain the racially pure mindset of politicians.

Kyle Whitmire summed it up in his commentary this past weekend on the site Second Front:

Sometimes you’re dealt a loser, and there’s no surviving no matter which cards you throw away and which ones you keep.

FYI, I don't care if Alabama and Mississippi are home to the most elected black politicians in their state legislatures in reference to their states' black population composition especially when it comes down to the fact in the case of Alabama nothing has essentially changed since the 1970s.  The next chapter will be about direct versus substantial representation, and why the curious case of Congressman Steven Cohen of Tennessee (D-Memphis) is probably going to be the best thing that ever happened to TN-09 congressional district.  Future chapters will be about black LGBT/SGLs and the relentlessly sanctimonious black community on progressive social issues along with a discussion on why The Boondocks exposes how stupid and retarded some black folks will carry on about anything.

Some black folks have brought this shit on themselves and it's about time somebody exposes it for what it is, fuckery.  Now I know why some black folks will run to the oddest places in the world just to escape the "black community", and these folks are probably most afrocentric individuals you would ever meet.

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