Friday, November 12, 2010

UGH!!! There are too many idiots in this world, but way too many in the Nashville area

The foolishness of the fighting over a Muslim mosque in suburban Nashville has once again reaffirmed idiocy still is prevalent in modern society.  The on-going fight over a proposed mosque in Rutherford County, Tennessee, near Murfreesboro, has boiled down to the argument that Islam is attempting to take over the Westernized world to enforce Shariah law.  ***EYE ROLL***.  The attorney of the opponents of the mosque, Joe Brandon, Jr., has been pedaled ignorance involving this case to the point of absurdity in the Rutherford County Chancery Court.  Brandon has used random accusation saying the Rutherford County Planning Commission has predeclared the case prior to the vote on it over the summer to saying that Shariah law promotes pedophilia.   According to the Tennessean, even the Rutherford County Attorney, Jim Cope, has said this case has turned into a circus.

All I have to say about this is, "See I told ya that there are still some lunatic white Southerners whom will say ANYTHING to perpetuate fuckery that they feel is justified..."  You don't see any black Southerns that damn stupid to take some bullshit like this to court because they know it wouldn't fly.  Idiots.

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