Friday, November 19, 2010

And action!!!!

It's time for Congress to be the star of the short film called "Lame Duck" and watch the Congressional Democrats particularly from the Senate scramble to pass as much legislation as possible before January.  AND ACTION!

The first scene is the recommendation of a formal censure of Congressman Charlie Rangel of Harlem (aka Manhattan North these days) by the House Ethics Committee.  His acts of idiocy has come back to haunt him and now he will face the music which means he might not get his long-held chair roles on key Congressional committees back.  Anyways...

The Senate will attempt to muster up enough votes to remove DADT by attaching to the DREAM Act, which is more controversial than the DADT since it's about the immigrants.   Boy, does Harry Reid really know how to put those important bills together.

Nancy Pelosi was reanointed by the majority of House Democrats (68 members) as House Minority Leader.  I don't know how I feel about this considering she could have allowed former House Whip James Clyburn to be #2 rather than Steve Hoyer of Maryland.  It seems like there still need to appease the fickle within the ranks, but I'm not buying it. 

Now, I'm trying to figure out whether to began the series on the hypocrisies of the Congressional Republicans or not.  However, I will note before they have even taken helm of House, the Congressional Republicans are yet to prove to the people and their critics if they are going to refuse the Congressional Benefit Health Insurance after campaign against government-funded health care.  There still seems to be one of the incoming freshmen Republicans already whining and bitching about not being able to use his government-funded health insurance until February.  that r Also let's not forget the fuckery of how the House Republicans have already vowed to ban earmarks yet those amongst their ranks in the Senate like Alabama's own Richard Shelby has yet to show if they will do the same.  Talk is cheap, people, so put up or shut the fuck up...

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