Monday, November 1, 2010

An objective take on the Florida senatorial race situation

It looks like there will be likely a runoff with Mark Rubio and Charlie Crist in the senatorial race in Florida.  However, the foolishness and bullshit of Bill Clinton to push for Kendrick Meeks isn't as "out-there-in-left-field" as most would perceive on the surface.  There is a practical reason for this, whether it is right or not, for him trying to do this.

1) Florida wasn't going to elect a black Democrat for shit, and that is a reality.  We are talking about FLORIDA, the state where if you are black then you better be light and damn near white to be considered "normalized" by the state's standards.  2) The political climate of this year and it being FLORIDA again.  The state is a "bellwether" that bounces from one end of the "moderate/swing" to the other.  It all depends on the marketability of the candidate.  We are in a time where black politicos and political figures are under attack thanks to the fuckery pedaled by the "Angry White People Coalition", the mainstream media and their agenda-setting habits, and duplicity of a number of black congress members for their antics over the past few months.  It's like a cornucopia of "get the darkies" that hasn't helped someone like Kendrick Meeks candidacy for nothing.  I hate to to be the barer of a reality check, but his candidacy was D.O.A. from day 1 thanks to the circumstances presented.  Meeks is from a "safe district" for Democrats and progressives, liberal alike in Florida, but statewide Florida is STILL a Southern state at the core, which means NO BLACKS for prominent offices unless they paint themselves in "our [white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant] values".

It's disheartening for me personally as a black male, but it's the truth.  The people and forces at work in our society still wants to play "let's get the nigger/darkie".  As pseudo-egalitarian as our society pretends to be (especially some whites), there is still the propensity for it to still blame all blacks for the actions of a few... 

As slimy and two-timing as Bill Clinton is (and Lord knows I can't stand him), his stunt with Meeks (like the one with Sestak in Pennsylvania) was pertinent to this situation this year.  He was essentially trying to keep the Democratic roles filled so the Dems can stay in power and keep the radicalized candidate on the Republican ticket out of office.

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