Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ok, time for another lesson in race discussions...

I'm honestly dumbfounded and disgusted by the inert actions of the folks in the White House (I vindicated Obama from this drama because of he would get implicated for playing favorites by the right and aversive racists) involving all this associated with race.  I can't get my mind wrapped around the notion that so many of these predominately white male individuals in the White House will do anything to including warning Obama that if he touches this he will lose moderate, working-class whites.  However, this discussion needs to occur, SERIOUSLY.

OK, last week Shirley Sherrod was thrown under the bus by the paranoid USDA secretary, Tim Vilscak, and then the NAACP went into panic mode as well.  Then we can even go back to my personal rants on how black Democrats in Congress such as Michigan's own John Conyers throwing ACORN under the bus last year after the foolishness that was pedaled from those doctored footage.  And let's not forget the Van Jones' castration of last December, where he was allowed to be tarred and featured by so-called liberals and black Democrats.  I'm just frustrated by those latter two events as much if not more than the Sherrod situation because at least those with sense came to her defense. 

The whole discussion of race, is a social concept created by white elites in this nation from the 1600s during the post-indentured servitude era of the Colonial America.  This was a response to white elites making note of who often black and white former indentured servants were suffering from common afflictions of lack of access to economic improvement, so they used the all encompassing term "white" as one to describe anyone whom was of fair complexion regardless of ancestry.  Also the usage of how fear of blacks being "savages" and "thieves" whom will do anything to get a one up on impoverish and working-class whites as a weapon to create a divide between the two groups.  This still continues to this very day between impoverish and working-class black and white Americans.

Class is also thrown in as a weapon to impede the growth of both groups but race is also an extra trick to ensure the lack of access from anything will not be there for blacks at all.  Ultimate, the two concepts are connected in many ways, but the discussion of how race is used as an extra spin on things is just icing on the cake. Race is an institutionalized affliction that impedes the empowerment of blacks as well as aforementioned groups of whites (along with other non-white groups), but the division amongst all is just disheartening. 

This is where President Obama needs to come in and attempt to discuss this openly discuss this issue.  Race along with the usage of class needs to be addressed to all.  Many of the those within the "Angry White People Coalition" aren't impoverish or working-class rather clearly economically stable middle-to-upper class whites whom just seem to have a racial bone to pick with Obama.  They are beyond hope and pointless to address in Obama's case.  Whereas, those like the Spooners, whom affirmed Sherrod's story, are the ones whom should be reached by such discussion.  They know that most non-whites aren't against them, but the way those like Andrew Breitbart, Tucker Carson, and the sycophancy of misinformation at FOX News will do anything to create such a wedge so there isn't any commonality between any groups...

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