Monday, July 5, 2010

What's up with electronic bingo in Alabama?

I mean honestly, what the hell is up with this?  I mean it has turned into a biggest game of cluster fucking in my lifetime.  It just seems like there is more political "gotcha" on the side of Alabama outgoing Republican governor Bob Riley's part than anything else.  Now I'm not saying the proponents of such shroud are innocent either considering the likes of Milton McGregor along with a cornucopia of politicos that flat out deserve the side-eye whom is associated with these such interests.  However, the true victims of this is the citizens who rely on the these establishments as forms of gainful employment in these economically horrible times.

Just Friday, Alabama House Rep. John Rogers of Birmingham wants to file a voters' rights complaint in the federal docket against Riley and the Alabama Supreme Court.  According to the Tuscaloosa News, this is on the basis since the voters of the Greene County, Alabama, where the GreenTrack Race Course and gaming facility is located, ratified in 2003 an Alabama constitutional amendment allowing "electronic bingo" operations within their county's boundaries.  This is conflicting with the Alabama law explicitly prohibiting gambling, but the state constitution has over 840 amendments and dates back to 1901.  In other words, it is a convoluted, legally contradictorily document.  Regardless, Alabama citizens allow this to continue to be their state charter because they feel that if anything changes then it will allow "special interests" and "lobbyists" to take over the operations of the state.  REALITY CHECK: Special interest and lobbyists already run the state capitol in Montgomery.

The involvement of the Alabama Black Caucus doesn't really help the situation considering many of them are albatrosses on the necks of the those advocating the passage of the such pro-gambling legislation.  (Anyone who reads my blog or follows me on Left in Alabama knows why the Alabama Black Caucus is a joke).  The piss-poor attempt via a pro electronic bingo bill in this years regular session of the Alabama State Legislature came to a screeching halt following the federal probe in April.  According to the Birmingham News, a number of state legislators from both the Alabama Senate and House where informed of the investigation, but given few details until the official questioning occurred.  The bill died in the final days of the session left not voted upon by Alabama Senate in late May. 

Economically speaking Alabama is more fucked probably more so than most other Southern states.  Alabama's citizenry still does commute long distances to far-flung places for employment due to the lack of variety of jobs outside of the major urban areas.  Its black citizenry is especially fucked because outside of the cities pretty much most of them live in the Black Belt, which is a very economically depressed region.

This is just a bizarre situation and reminiscent of why I'm so leaving this state because there are too many things wrong with this place and no enough intelligent individuals to push progress further here.

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