Friday, July 16, 2010

So is Artur Davis a turncoat or just telling the truth????

Well, in today's Mobile Press-Register, former Alabama gubernatorial Democratic nominee and outgoing Alabama's 7th congressional district representative, Artur Davis, spoken on the win of Tuesday's run-off, Alabama Democratic Party, and the general election in November. 

Davis apparently praised Tuscaloosa dermatologist and Alabama Republican gubernatorial candidate, Robert Bentley, on his ability to overcome the intra-partisan politics of the Alabama Republican Party.  He also remarked about the strength of his candidacy and respect for his campaign:
"Robert Bentley is one of the most decent, honorable people I know in politics. I have nothing but admiration for him," Davis said Thursday. "I believe he will be a very strong candidate."
"Over a year and a half and 20-something debates, you get to know each other pretty well," he said. "(Bentley) was always very authentic, consistent in his positions and knew as much about state government as anybody in the race. He is running a very impressive campaign."
Now me being objective, Bentley won because of the shadow campaigning by the Alabama Education Association (AEA).  The same can be said about the candidacy of Ron Sparks as well.  However, Davis is apparently admiring Bentley's consistency of his platform and the fact that he is going to be difficult candidate for Ron Sparks to beat in November.  He also addressed Bentley's bipartisanship efforts as well.  Davis did allege that Bentley wooed independent voters (which I doubt because AEA was coercing its members of all political affiliations to crossover and vote in the Tuesday run-off).  Interestingly, at the end of the interview, Davis did point out how he didn't agree with Bentley on abortion, charter schools and other key policy issues. 

On the other hand, Davis WENT IN on the Alabama Democratic Party (ADP) for their issues.
"The party is losing its way. We are losing ground in Alabama and we are losing it unnecessarily," he said. "We want to hide behind the excuse that the national party is unpopular right now but that's not what's causing it. The fact is we're seeing the complete domination of the party by a narrow group of insiders who are completely out of step with average Alabamians."
He didn't spare any moment not to make a huge swipe at Sparks and liberals in Alabama whom cause such damage:
"Ron Sparks was very much the candidate of activist, liberal Democratic voters. And the fact is that's a very small segment of the electorate in Alabama," he said. "That puts him very much at odds with the majority of Alabama voters, and that is a prescription for failure."
Davis has a valid point of addressing the issues where the ADP is controlled by Joe Turnham (whom has essentially said that any Democrat is running for statewide office should run right), the AEA duo of Paul Hubbert and Joe Reed, along with the special interests of Alabama Farmers Association (ALFA). 

Now, I don't totally agree with him about his assessment of Sparks since there liberals were as supportive of his candidacy as whom have much to gain from electronic bingo and gambling like Milton McGregor.  Nevertheless, he was right about how those on the "left" or "liberal" were attacking him on the health care reform vote.  Their indignation towards him after pretty much supporting most of their interest was disingenuous and partially vindictive.  It was also trifecta of the workings of Joe Reed & Co. getting revenge on  Davis for usurping their established candidate, Earl Hilliard, Sr. in 2002.  

All of this says to me that there is some twisted bullshit going on in Alabama amongst its Democrats and Davis' remarks on such things are a symptom of such affliction as Reed, Hubbert (whom is "stepping down" from the ADP), etc.  It's evident that there more issues at work than even I could describe and progressives are left up shit creek without a paddle.  Liberals are fucking up things for them then the ADP and its shadow orgs like AEA, ADC, etc. are too busy toiling up schemes to sabotage elections for progressive candidates whom doesn't kowtow to their interests. 

FYI, AEA doesn't just involve themselves in the interest of education or educators, more or less they are an organization that works to control everything while letting the quality of education and facilities in urban districts like Birmingham, Montgomery, and Anniston falter as well as rural districts like the counties of the Black Belt.  They should be using their power to vastly improve the conditions of such places to the level of the school districts in Hoover, Madison, Oxford, etc. around the state of Alabama.

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